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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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Updated June 8, 2011

Faculty Introduction

My name is Dr. Linda Washington-Brown, and I will be your instructor for (NUR 3069) Advanced Health Assessment Lecture. I have been teaching at Broward College since 2005. I received my Master's Degree in Developmental Pediatrics and my PhD in Nursing from the University of Miami, and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Cardiovascular Research at the University of Pennsylvania.
Course Description

NUR 3069 is a 2 credit hour fully online lecture course. The course meets online once a week in an asynchronous mode. All course assignments must be submitted online. Students are required to have a working personal computer. laptop, or notebook computer with webcam capabilities.

Methods of Instruction

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills, interviewing and interactive techniques needed to obtain and communicate a systematic, culturally-appropriate, comprehensive health history and physical examination. Topics include: interviewing strategies, conducting health evaluations, and integrating, correlating, and disseminating health assessment findings.
Throughout the semester, you will be required to complete activities and assignments, take tests, and participate in discussions in an online learning environment. You will refer to the course syllabus (within the Course Schedule and Assignments section) for specific due dates.
The course is organized around three modules. The first module consists of the Course Introduction, Statement of Integrity, and Online Orientation Quiz. The second module consist of the eight (8) lecture units designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to perform a complete health assessment on clients across the life span. The third module consists of the laboratory evaluation requirements and skills checklist.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the student shall be able to:
1.    Synthesize the knowledge obtained from a comprehensive health and physical examination of the client with the knowledge of nursing, the bio-psychosocial, cultural and pathophysiological process in order to analyze health care needs and health/illness perceptions, to provide high quality care, and to evaluate client outcomes.
1.    Interviewing Strategies
2.    Conducting a Comprehensive Health Assessment
3.    Evaluating Health Assessment Findings
4.    Integrating Health Assessment Findings
5.    Correlating Health Assessment Findings
6.    Teaching and learning Techniques In Health Assessment'
7.    Disseminating Health Assessment Finding
Course Requirements

Students enrolling in the Advanced Health Assessment Course must purchase a webcam and possess a personal computer or lap top / notebook computer to submit online assignments and participate in video recordings of group presentations.
  • New to e-learning? Take the e-learning orientation before enrolling in any e-learning course.
  • Before enrolling in an e-learning course review computer requirements.
  • Hardware or Software Requirements specific to your course (if different from the BC standard)
  • Required Meeting Dates or Times (include attendance requirements and dates of on-campus tests if any)
  • All students must obtain their BC email address. It is used for course login.
  • Students enrolled in the RN-BSN Program will need a Broward College and Broward County library card (see attached link to library information

Course Materials

This is where you list course materials. Make sure to indicate which materials are required and which materials are optional. Tell students how and where to obtain course materials.
  • Course Materials (textbooks, pocket manual, webcam, , CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.)
  • A student Access Code may be purchhased from either from bookstore or Blackboard website for Student Access Code, or student purchase during the first week of the semester during orientation)?

How to Register for this Course

Advanced health assessment Lab is a limited access course and enrollment in this course is restricted. Students must contact the RN-BSN Program Manager for information on course enrollment.
Students must pay for the course before they will be able to log into the course.

Information Contact

Office Phone:

Department Phone:

Department Fax:


lwashing@broward.edu (All communication should be through Blackboard email. Use this BC email only if you have an emergency and/or are unable to access Blackboard email.)
Office Hours:

Virtual Office Hours:

BC's Emergency Hotline#:


How to Access this Course once you are Enrolled in this Course

Students should be able to login to the course on the first day of the session in which the course is scheduled. Only those students who have registered and paid for the course will be permitted to login to the course. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours from when a student registers and pays before Blackboard login is activated.
For the first week:
  • Complete the Online Orientation (located within the 'Orientation -- Start Here' icon on the homepage) to learn how to navigate the course and access learning materials.
  • Review the course syllabus (located in the left-hand margin of your screen). It is highly recommended that you print the syllabus and refer to it often throughout the semester.
  • Send a mail message (email) to the instructor with the subject, Orientation Email. Compose a short message informing the instructor that you know how to use the Blackboard mail tool.
  • Participate in one online discussion (Student Bio, item 3.1 in the table of contents; please note you may have to click the plus sign (+) to expand the table of contents).
  • Submit an assignment with a file attachment (NUR 3069L Course Agreement form, item 3.2 in the table of contents; please note you may have to click the plus sign (+) to expand the table of contents).
  • Sign the Statement of Integrity
  • Take a short quiz relating to the syllabus (Syllabus Quiz, item 3.3 in the table of contents; please note you may have to click the plus sign (+) to expand the table of contents).
IMPORTANT: In order to gain access to NUR 3069L content, you must complete all of the above activities and receive a perfect score on the quiz. Note: You may take the syllabus quiz as many times as you need until the due date. Students should contact the instructor with questions.

 Students hould obtain BC email user ID and PIN code before attempting to login to Blackboard.

  • At BC email address site, click on "ID Lookup", then enter your Student# (or INTL Student ID#) and PIN code (2 digit birth month and 4 digit year). Write down your email ID (not the @mail.broward.edu part), which is your Blackboard User Name.
  • Your Blackboard User Name is the same as your BC email ID.
  • Your Blackboard password is the same as your BC email PIN code.
Below are some links to help students get connected to Blackboard/e-learning course(s) at BC
Orientation Learning Outcomes
Students completing the orientation will be able to:
  • Login to Blackboard and complete the orientation module.
  • Access the course syllabus.
  • Participate in one discussion.
  • Send a mail message to the instructor.
  • Submit an assignment with a file attachment.
  • Take a short quiz relating to syllabus.

Friday, March 25, 2011

About Advanced Health Assessment

The Advanced Health Assessment Course is offered in a Blended format, that is, students will meet face to face once a week on scheduled dates and times, and the remaining credit-hours will be earned in an on-line format. The syllabus, study materials and grades will be available to students via Blackboard. As students progress through the course and meet certain conditions (example: successful completion of assignments and exams), students will gain access to sequential learning modules available from the homepage.